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Our college is committed to offering an enriching academic experience through our dedicated faculty, cutting-edge curriculum, and affordable tuition. Our outstanding faculty includes award-winning professors and accomplished scholars devoted to academic excellence. Among thousands of our esteemed graduates are leaders in medicine, business, research, public service, and academia. We provide the very best learning and laboratory facilities, and we focus on providing students with career choice information and academic advising to ensure each student graduates with their degree in four years.

Why Give? 

The College of Science is moving from a predominant teaching focus to a more balanced approach to higher learning that requires faculty to establish research programs involving undergraduate and graduate students. This is consistent with the paradigm that excellence in research leads to excellence in teaching. The establishment of effective research programs within the College of Science not only benefits our students but leads to recognition for the University, increased enrollment, and the chance to capitalize on new discoveries that can benefit the economy of West Virginia, the nation, and the world.  Science is at the forefront of this transformation. 

Our curriculum has been revised and updated college structure and majors allow our students greater career choices within the changing face of Science. The quantity and quality of scientific research is steadily growing, and faculty members are engaging students in meaningful research. Graduates from our college’s programs are gaining research experience which enhances their credentials for employment, professional school, and advanced degree program applications. 

But change and our focus on enriched academic experiences come at a cost, and at a time when funding for colleges and universities has dwindled, not only in West Virginia but across the country. The College of Science has become increasingly dependent on the generous gifts of our friends, alumni, and other donors to support initiatives in academic excellence, scholarships, awards, fellowships, and developmental support. Without this selfless and thoughtful expression of support, we would be without means to pursue the endeavors that enhance the educational experience of our students and elevate Science at Marshall University to a higher level of competitiveness. 

Gifts of any size to the College of Science are welcomed and valued. Flexible gifts that give a discretionary pool of funds to the College of Science are appreciated as are targeted donations to support scholarships, fellowships, capital projects, endowed chairs, and other initiatives are equally valued.

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