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College of Health Professions

The COHP will provide a quality research-based environment, supported by strategic resources and incentives necessary to inspire and engage faculty, students and staff to be part of advanced solutions to substantially improve economic and intellectual growth for the COHP, university, state, region and nation. 

Every day, our faculty and students work side by side in pursuit of discovery to improve lives and bring knowledge to the world. We live in an extraordinary time with extraordinary opportunities and challenges. Technological and social transformations are taking place at an accelerated pace, bringing about the need for profound changes in institutions of higher education. Universities, and units within institutions, must develop and sustain their relevance by deliberately creating innovative paradigms and sustained opportunities for economic, institutional and professional growth. In these pursuits, institutions must be mindful of the importance of formulating faculty participatory incentives that will be crucial for high levels of success for this engine of economic and intellectual growth. This is why it is so important that our faculty continue to have a collective vision, intellectual cohesiveness, and high aspirations toward shared goals.

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